Hands on boating instruction that teaches you the on-water skills you need to be safe.

Unlike a motor vehicle, driving a boat takes a lot of time and on-water experience, yet when you take delivery of your new vessel there is really very little instruction included with the delivery. As an avid boater on Lake George, I all too often see the frustration boaters have when it comes to the basics of boating, including driving, docking, anchoring, and proper navigation. The intent of The Boat Coach is to teach you how to successfully and confidently operate your boat on the water. This is not a classroom setting, but a hands-on approach to boating. This 3 to 4 hour on-water instruction is welcome to captains and their spouses and children age 14 or older that currently possess a New York State boating safety certificate.

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Personal In-Depth Boating Lessons

A 3 - 4 hour hands on boating experience on your boat that teaches you on-water instruction including:


$250 for 2 hours (minimum) of on-water instruction.
Additional time is available, prorated in half hour increments.

For an additional fee, trailering, towing, and launching instructions are available.

Who is welcome?

Up to 2 adults and children age 14 or older* with a valid NYS boater safety card are welcome to attend the instructional period. *Sorry but due to strict liability constraints, no children under the age of 14 will be permitted on a vessel during the instructional period. This will be strictly enforced.

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